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No claims bonus as named driver. The no claims discount earned by named drivers can. It was made crystal clear to tge insurers that I was the main driver of.

The more claim-free years you build up, the larger no claims discount (NCD) you’ll receive on your annual insurance premium. (rather than the main driver),

09/10/2014  · I have always been the second driver and my wife has always been the main driver. my question is, no claim discount swapping with spouse

LV= has put together a short video guide to help you understand what No Claims Discount. Drivers who have not made a claim against their car insurance,

Anyone can qualify for a no claims discount so long as they are the main driver on the policy in question. Even then, some insurers will allow a named driver to build.

No claims bonus. No claims discount explained. Usually you can’t get an NCB as a named driver, because it’s based on the main driver’s experience.

No, unfortunately named drivers can’t build up their own no claim discount (NCD). You can only earn NCD if you’re the policyholder.

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Can I Get No Claims Bonus As A Named Driver?How does a no claims bonus work? guides from. So if your car was burnt out or you were hit by an uninsured driver and. you wouldn’t lose your no claims discount.

How does a no claims bonus work? guides from Bringing you the best. A few car insurers will allow named drivers to earn a no claims discount.

16/09/2014  · How does this work? My partner recently had her company car taken away, which she’d had for just over 3 years. Before that she was the main driver of the privately.

10/08/2011  · . any named drivers, not just the main driver, earn a No Claims Discount with Admiral [/TD. *Named driver No Claims Discount.

07/03/2010  · During the 3 years under my mums policy i was earning the named driver no claims discount. Basically is there a difference between named driver discount and main.

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